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“UNDER CONSTRUCTION!” ™ is an all-in-one stop for opinions, reviews, and rants written by amateur contributors about an ever increasing number of topics. We aim to do to seperate our site from other blogs by guiding the topics we cover with the feedback we recieve from our fans! So if we cover a particular topic and no one responds or those who do are completely uninterested in the topic, we drop it. On the other hand if the topic gets frequent responses and has our readers engaged in conversation about the topic, we continue giving our readers what they come back to the site for. looks to be a site that delivers to it’s fans, not just a faceless public sounding board that only does what it takes to get page hits and ad revenue.

As gets going from a fresh start, we are currently limiting feedback to our contributors to 1.) article commenting and 2.) Twitter direct messaging and mentions.
More methods of getting in touch with will become available as we grow. Stay tuned!

Nearly every article published here has comments turned on for our reading audience to reply to us, and to engage other readers in discussion. All commentors are held in moderation on the site when first using this feature; when their comment clears moderation they are generally allowed to post more freely and immediately. reserves the right to withdraw this courtesy at any given time, with or without reason and/or explination. reserves the right to delete any and all comments made on any article at anytime, with or without reasons and/or explination. We do not believe in censorship, but we also believe in article comment areas being free of spam or pointless trolling.

Comments are normally enabled for fourteen (14) days after an article is posted when they are automatically disabled and closed.

To help our readers navigate a library of articles, we break them down into categories.

  • Dynamic
  • When a topic demands more than one look, they are made into dynamic articles. These articles are gradually
    added to with time as more information about the topic is made available and/or viewpoints on the topic
    change at

  • Opinion
  • Articles written to informally express opinion on the given topic.
    Different from more formal review articles.

  • Reviews
  • Articles written to formally express opinion on the given topic.
    Much more indepth and seriously written than opinion articles.

  • Potpourri
  • Articles written about the website, the website contributors, and completely irrelevant articles that belong nowhere else.

  • Press This!
  • Articles written using the WordPress publishing tool of the same name. These articles are often either very
    short highlights or very sharp rants about interesting places and things seen on the Internet.

  • Rants
  • Articles written about things that in some way simply offend one’s better senses. Often sharp in nature and
    deliberately abrasive in delivery; a rant topic is not for the feint of heart or easily offended!